Extend the functionality of myday with the events app

With full integration into the myday dashboard, the newly released app from Collabco will enable you to add additional functionality into myday

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Fully integrated into the myday experience the events app enables your organisation to:

  • Advertise your events to different audiences of your student or staff population such as students of a particular course or faculty.
  • Advertise multiple occurrences of an event enabling recipients to choose the date that suits them.
  • Manage attendees to events by enabling recipients to book onto events that are of interest them. Manage the allocation of spaces by enforcing a booking limit which is allocated on a first come first serve basis.
  • Ensure all bookings are placed by a certain deadline before the event takes place.
  • Enable attendees to join a waiting list for a fully booked events and allow them to be automatically progressed to full bookings as and when spaces become available.
  • Automatic push notifications and e-mail alerts are sent out to remind an attendee to attend the event at a pre-defined time before the event takes place and confirm actions taking place such as booking confirmations, cancellations, waiting list progression.
  • Track attendance to events by taking attendance registers and optionally ban those who fail to attend from making future bookings.
  • Ensure event places are distributed by limiting the number of concurrent bookings that a user can book onto.
  • Export event bookings and attendance to csv file to enable excel based reporting. Filterable by category on individual events.
  • Delegated administration of event categories and individual events allowing different staff to coordinate events.
  • Role based access control

Coming soon:

  • Enrich user data via sync server such as course code, faculty etc for advanced reporting.
  • Power BI reporting of key metrics and KPIs by course, event category etc.
  • Empower interested parties to watch the number of spaces available on upcoming events to remind them to book when the number of spaces are low or new spaces become available on a fully booked event.
  • Advertise events to anonymous users and enable authenticated booking via manual registration and social identities.

You can use the events app for:

  • Booking students onto events which may be required as part of their course such as field trips
  • Evening classes or extra-curricular activities
  • Targeting events to specific groups of students such as those who are a member of a sports club

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