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What is student engagement?

With higher education establishments facing increasing competition to attract and retain the best students, student engagement is a topic that has become more prominent in recent years.

Increasingly, education establishments must ensure that students are engaged throughout their journey with them.

They must find new ways to heighten students’ attention, passion and motivation to learn, so that participation and retention rates increase. This is especially the case for part-time and distance learners.

What is a student engagement platform?

A student engagement platform is software that improves the student experience and increases their engagement. It makes it easy for students to manage their academic life by centralising all the information they need in one intuitive place.

Our answer to this is myday, an innovative student portal solution built as a robust and resilient cloud service using Microsoft technologies.

By increasing the level of student engagement through user-friendly technology, we’re able to improve the teaching and learning experience.

How can myday help with student engagement?

Within universities and colleges, the vast number of different systems and applications students are faced with managing can be frustrating, and can lead to lower levels of student engagement. myday helps your students stay organised and engaged by providing access to all the information they need via a single interface.

It’s a great tool for helping part-time or distance learning students retain a sense of belonging in their academic community.

myday is a multi-device, user friendly solution

Today’s students are connected to technology like never before. myday is a mobile-friendly solution, with which students can access everything they need anywhere, at any time, regardless of location or device.


myday is highly customisable

Highly customisable dashboards enable both the institution and the individual student to personalise their experience, and display what’s important to them.


myday integrates with your institution’s range of systems with a single sign-on

From email and calendar through to your library and PC availability systems, myday provides access to all the information your students need in one easy to access-place.

myday helps students manage their time

Alerts can be set at key points, such as if tasks are due for completion or if attendance has dropped. By taking more responsibility for their own learning, student engagement is increased.

myday makes communication easier                                               

Syncing fully with Office 365 email accounts, myday makes interaction with tutors easier. It also provides helpful notifications – unread emails are clearly displayed, and any campus updates or notifications are pushed through to users, meaning that they’re always kept up to date.


Why is student engagement important?

Research has shown that high engagement levels mean that:

  • Students perform better in exams and assessments
  • Students achieve higher grades
  • Students are less likely to drop out of their course

But it’s important to remember that the benefits are not just academic. Engaged students:

  • Have a greater sense of belonging and community
  • Have increased levels of participation in university life
  • Are better able to stay on tasks and manage time
  • Are better able to set and meet personal goals

High engagement levels create a more productive learning environment. They improve the retention rates at educational institutions, with engaged students less likely to drop out.

Ultimately, engaged students are successful students.

EDUCAUSE, higher education’s largest technology association, emphasises that technology which helps to drive student success will be a core part of higher education IT in 2017.

They identified the new technologies which institutions will be spending the most time implementing, planning and tracking to increase student success rates - technology which could improve factors like collaboration across campus and the need for mobile apps for enterprise applications.

Student success is clearly a key theme within higher education information technology. A platform like myday, by enhancing student engagement, can help your students to fulfil their full potential.

Read our case studies to find out more about how our customers are making the myday portal work for them.



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