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Targeting and Personalisation

myday enables you to send the right message at the right time to the right person.  Last minute room changes? Important message for a small community only? - myday executes this exactly how your staff and students expect you to.

Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of walking into a shop and being recognised, welcomed and treated as an individual. It is the same for your students and staff.

Having the ability to target and personalise the myday product can have a huge effect on student engagement.  60% of customers online prefer it if an online store remembers their contact details and purchase information. So why not have your myday service remember specific timetables, news feeds, bookmarks and more!


Within myday you can target dashboards, tiles, news feeds, look and feel, branding, bookmarks and banners to your existing security groups.


Once you have chosen your default brand and layout within myday, the end user is able to alter the layout, choose options, select branding, subscribe to news and alter dashboard settings to create their own myday experience.

Would you like to target and personalise your Digital Campus?

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