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Student Engagement App

A native mobile app available in the store for all myday subscribers

The myday app provides a mobile experience for users on the move using the familiar and consistent experience. Separate dashboards are used to enable you to have more specific tiles for the mobile experience such as travel information, weather and maps, enabling users to access relevant information directly from their mobile.

The mobile app also has the following advantages:

  • No need to login each time - Users are requested for their username and password on initial access and their session is maintained for 365 days removing the need to authenticate each time.
  • Caching - Data and myday apps are cached on the device enabling continued access even when data is not available via the mobile network or wifi.
  • Native push notifications - Updates to timetables and important news can be pushed natively to the mobile phone so the most important news will appear on the lock screen.
  • All the tiles that are available in the dashboard can also be delivered to the app - a consistent experience for the user

Our mobile app is currently available for Android and iOS. A Windows Phone app will be released shortly.