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Social Media and News


The Facebook tile displays a Facebook page on a dashboard ensuring that all myday users can see the public side of the institution without needing to "like" the page. This ensures that users receive information related to them as an individual, as a member of a course or department and receive the overall institution news and updates posted within a Facebook page.


Like the Facebook tile, the Twitter tile displays the feed of a twitter handle without requiring the myday user to have to follow a particular user.

News Room

The myday “News Room” which provides the end-user a place to view all news based on internal (to myday) feeds and external feeds, consumed by RSS/ATOM. The news room displays a mashed up view of the latest news stories on its live tile along with a latest entries feed in the main app. Filtering by feed can also simplify access to relevant news.

End users can choose which feeds they want to subscribe to:

Internal feeds are created and give the myday administrator control over whether a feed automatically appears (opt-out), discoverable (opt-in) or mandatory. Furthermore, groups are used to manage Editors who can post and Audiences who can see the feed.