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Developer Enabled

Develop your own innovative apps! myday has been designed as a platform to customise and extend so that our customers can deliver their own ideas to their students.

Our development frameworks and API's allow you to:

  • Develop your own myday tiles and app experiences and automatically deploy and update these on the web and mobile device
  • Extend our integrations with connections to your software or bespoke systems we don't yet support
  • Send push notifications to your users from third-party systems
  • Leverage your internal web development skills

The Collabco team can provide formal training or run "hack days" with your team to get you started.

We are also facilitating the development of an active community of customers to share and collaborate on their creations / solutions via our on-line forums and regular user group meetings.

Having one of our myday professionals come down to visit your team can really create an amazing working relationship. Do you have creative and exciting ideas flowing through your institution? Well let us help you develop them.

We have had past customers design innovative apps that have then become standard to myday services, we are always looking for creative ideas and want to help your institution to take ideas to the next step.

Innovating the student experience doesn’t just stop with myday, you can take it a whole lot further, the benefit of our product knowledge and your ideas is a recipe for success, and a recipe for a better Digital Campus.

Are you interested in getting more information about myday's Developer Enabled feature?

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