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Connect Your Systems

Connecting all your systems is one of the most effective ways to reduce costs, increase quality, and standardise processes. By ensuring all of your systems and their data are integrated, your institution will be able to connect to students better.


As well as providing a summary view of latest email, the link to the learner inbox, provides single sign on through to the Office 365 email account. A live version of the mailbox is available in myday. Viewing, searching, replying, composing and sending all function within myday. It is also possible to sign on to the mailbox.


Access to a unified calendar is available through the myday portal, displaying academic timetable and personal Office 365 calendar appointments.  This tile gives the student a single view of their daily commitments.


The balance tile provides learners with a summary of their balances and recent transactions on multiple financial accounts.


The library tile provides the learner with all the relevant information regarding book loans, fines and any reservation statuses directly from the library management system.


The attendance tile ensures the student is aware of their attendance by graphically presenting their attendance for each course or module they participate in by month of the academic year. A configurable threshold is available to alert the student when their overall attendance drops below a certain level.


The helpdesk app enables the user to see their current and historic helpdesk / enquiries and the status.

PC Availability

Enables a student to easily find an available PC across campus by integration into market leading or bespoke resource booking systems.

Maps and more coming soon!