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Measure the impact of your communications with the myday analytics platform. Measure the level of user activity and discover how your users are engaging with the myday platform.

Data is captured on:

  • Each user session - time, duration, user, device, location etc.
  • Impressions and click-throughs of any banner advertising - enabling you to measure the success of a campaign.
  • Interactions with apps and tiles - see which features are used and better promote those that are frequently used.

Analysing this data allows you to:

  • Refine your deployment to ensure the frequently used features appear first.
  • Measure the impact of any marketing / communications.
  • Promote usage of the platform to user audiences and measure response.
  • Understand and react to the usage of key learning applications and systems.

Every institution faces an opponent in one way or another. Similar competition within the same industry poses a threat, as each educational institute aims to improve their practices and processes to outshine the other. Certain elements set colleges and universities apart, especially in the eyes of prospect students. To gain an edge on comparable businesses in the market, myday offers the use of analytics to gather information on your own performance and others, therefore gaining the key knowledge in noticing trends and developing strategies further.

Another benefit is cost reduction, institution have certain systems in place that work well enough to fit their needs. Replacing these practices is time-consuming and costly, which causes organizations to look for fixes instead of alternative actions. To locate the problematic areas, many organizations implement data analytics use. 

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