A personalised digital experience that is driving student engagement for the Further Education Sector

Over 75% of our customers are in the further education sector. Find out how we work with them to help to increase student participation and retention.

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Provide your students with all of the information they need to manage academic life, from a device of their choice. 

Delivering your digital campus has never been easier  with myday you can leverage your existing investments in systems and applications. 

Integrated Student Portal

myday is a digital doorway offering a wide range of integrations, connecting with systems including:

  • Your VLE
  • Emails
  • Academic timetables
  • Library booking systems & fees
  • Attendance records
  • Academic performance
  • Print credits
  • e-Payments

In fact, myday is so versatile we have yet to find something we can't integrate with.

Student participation

With many years of experience in academia and a significant number of colleges using myday for their students we understand many of the issues that are facing further education.  Built with student engagement and satisfaction in mind, myday addresses many of the topics highlighted in the FELTAG agenda including:

  • Embracing the effective use of digital technology in learning, teaching and assessment
  • Availability, anytime, anywhere, any device
  • Seamless access to all relevant systems and resources
  • Personalisation option for user engagement
  • Widening communication through alerts, notification and news feeds

Take a look at our case studies to find out how we have helped other educational organisations. You can also read our insightful whitepapers for more information on student satisfaction and the digital campus. 

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Why choose myday? 

There are many reasons to choose myday as your student portal solution:

  • The native mobile app allows students to access their information any time, anywhere
  • An option to brand the dashboard in line with your own brand guidelines
  • A highly customisable dashboard allows both organisation and student to manage their experience
  • Clearly display your social media and news feeds to students, directly in their student portal dashboard
  • Push notifications allow you to reach out to your students with personalised information
  • Measure and analyse user activity with the built-in Analytics platform


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