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New College Lanarkshire chooses Collabco’s myday to implement Digital Campus

Merged FE college New College Lanarkshire chooses Collabco’s myday to implement their digital campus

New College Lanarkshire, created by the amalgamation of three colleges in 2014 has chosen myday from Collabco to deliver a digital campus to its 16,000 students across its three main campuses and further locations including Motherwell, Cumbernauld, Coatbridge, Kirkintilloch, Hamilton, and Broadwood.

myday will bring together the college’s many disparate IT systems and deliver them in one format to any of the students’ chosen devices, delivering a ‘central pane of glass’ across the college for them to find the resources they need. They include timetables, access to the virtual learning environment, library services, grades from their tutorials, PC booking systems and even a record of their attendance.

“myday is so simple to use out of the box – its greatest selling point – it delivers a framework to use, but there are so many parts already built into it that come as ‘standard’.  It’s the obvious choice when delivering the digital experience our students increasingly expect and demand of us,” explains Jason Quinn, Assistant Principal: Systems, New College Lanarkshire.

“The added benefit of being able to easily access the college email system (Microsoft 365), means that students will increasingly use their college email addresses and their free quota of storage space that comes with each user account.  Microsoft offers a vast amount of digital storage, more than we could ever provide for each student and myday will help promote the use of the service in a way that is easy to access.”  

There are other benefits to communicating with students on all campuses at the same time too. Recent snowfall meant that the college had to close on certain days.

“It's great to have one delivery mechanism to push messages to our student population regardless of where they are – in this case, to tell them not to come to college because it’s closed – it’s just so much easier to communicate,” explains Jason Quinn.

The college aims to have installed, tested and implemented the system for its students by August 2018 in readiness for the academic year 2019.

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