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Knowsley College know myday is the best!

Knowsley College have been using myday, previously known as ‘The Hub’ for five years. myday now, as then, has always been managed by the college’s IT team, headed up by Andrew Allen.

Andrew was pleased to tell me about the progress the college have made with the product since first implementing it. myday is used by both staff and students and is pushed out to via the college intranet, providing a digital gateway into college applications. Once a user logs onto a college PC, they are logged into their own personal myday experience.

myday replaced an outdated intranet which provided direct access into the VLE. Now the VLE is just one such tile on a visually appealing dashboard providing a snapshot of relevant data in a single interface.

Andrew explained that the myday platform is really flexible for the college needs and users find that it’s extremely intuitive. The additional benefit of targeting allows the college to tailor linking to different data sources depending on the target audience. Andrew is now keen to start exploring the option to develop some bespoke tiles on myday.

The mail tile which in the last 12 months has been further developed to include the attachments function in response to customer feedback is particularly popular. Users can carry out most email functionality within myday. The content builder function is also a welcome enhancement to myday, says Andrew, who’s used it to create information pages, including details regarding tuition fees for students.

Andrew is looking to make better use of the myday mobile app especially when the college refines how they notify their students internally.