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Bishop Grosseteste University

"We could see the benefits of myday's aggregating capabilities. It simply pulls together all the information a student needs in a format they can engage with."

- Richard Corn, Head of IT Infrastructure, Bishop Grosseteste University

  • Offered immediate cost savings as Office 365 is embedded within myday – drives utilisation of Office 365, as well as other products such as the VLE, leveraging the existing investments you have already made.
  • Offer of mobile framework, as well as developer enabled to build own apps. Richard sees the portal as a living thing, growing and changing in response to the demands of the university – ‘One Drive’, ‘My Grades’ and ‘Library’ tiles in constant development, providing up-to the-minute responses to student needs.
  • BGU considered the ‘DIY’ approach, but decided "Why commit staff time and equipment to that when you can go out to a supplier who’s already done it?"
  • Students can access the BGU dashboard on any device, as result they are more engaged and there are no barriers to efficient learning.
  • With student’s facing ever increasing complexity and being presented with a multitude of disparate systems, myday aggregates everything into one easy access place in an attractive dashboard which is highly intuitive, with single sign on access. 
  • "myday provided a one-stop shop for all our student’s educational needs" concluded Richard.