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The Manchester College chooses myday to improve engagement with current and prospective students


With increased competition for students between FE and HE colleges, anything that gives an academic establishment an advantage is a good business decision. The Manchester College, in the North West of England, is one of the largest organisations of its kind in Europe. They have around 5,000 employees working across more than 20 locations providing learning and skills to over 80,000 learners and 3,000 employers across the UK.

When the College was looking to improve learner experience and increase engagement with current and prospective students they turned to the proven platform of myday as Marie Stock, Assistant Principal at the college, explained. “myday gives us the opportunity to improve student engagement by delivering information quickly and easily from one Web page. myday enables universities, colleges and schools to aggregate the information students need on a daily basis and presents it in a highly-intuitive and modern styled interface.

“As well as implementing for our existing students, we are planning to use it to take student engagement to the next level by enabling prospective students to pre-enrol whilst they are still at school and enjoy the experience and benefits that myday delivers before starting their course.”

myday has proved so successful because it leverages an institution’s existing IT investment and is based on leading technology to guarantee an easy-to-use, easily managed, cost-effective and practical solution. Marie Stock concluded, “The look-and-feel and ease-of-use of myday will enable us to greatly improve learner experience.”

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