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New customer announcement – Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

Long Road Sixth Form College logo

Collabco is delighted to announce that Long Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge has chosen it to supply its myday portal for 2, 200 students. Jason Dear, IT Services Manager and Data Protection Officer explained that he was attracted by the out of the box functionality of myday.

What was also attractive about myday was that everything was in one place and amalgamated all the college systems including timetables, library and print credit. Having the timetable displayed via myday was especially attractive to the college as previously they had printed the timetables so it was more challenging to incorporate changes in a student’s academic day.

Jason is looking forward to the college being able to communicate with students specifically and effectively and is planning to have myday as the first thing a student sees when they log in to a college computer. Jason is also pleased to have developed, with Collabco’s help, a live feed for the college bus timetable, bringing even more dynamic information into one place.

Collabco are looking forward to working with the college and are pleased another ambitious education organisation has chosen to equip themselves with an integrated digital campus gateway, which will help drive recruitment, participation and satisfaction.

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