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myday and Connect Attendance Monitoring news

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myday and Connect Attendance Monitoring enable early intervention to improve student engagement and retention

Collabco’s myday and Collective Intelligence Systems’ Connect are providing education institutions with the ability to monitor student attendance in real-time via the digital campus. Connect is a cloud based application that uses the myday app to deliver early warning signs of when students may be disengaging from the education process– allowing early intervention and saving the education institutions thousands of pounds in lost revenue from the government.

The Connect solution from Collective Intelligence Systems runs on Microsoft Azure in the cloud and is simple to implement with a low cost of entry. Via the myday app, students can self-register attendance within Connect which can tell who should be present, where, at what time and with whom.

“Collabco’s myday is delivering the digital campus to students smartphones which means that Connect can be deployed as a ‘tile’ on any smartphone,” explains Paul Deane, group managing director, Collective Intelligence Systems.

“The app is linked to the timetables and pushes notifications back to the students via myday if, for example, a lecture was cancelled. It also provides early warnings for academics to intervene with students whose attendance records are dwindling – before it’s too late.

“Just a 1% increase in attendance in the first semester of an academic year for an average University can mean that a university is £700K per annum better off – and that has to be a good thing for both student and institution.”

The solution also enables Universities to meet their UKVI tier 4 obligations having been inspected a number of times on campus.

“Wellbeing is a huge part of what myday and Connect can deliver to education institutions – understanding student attendance and reasons for absence contributes to more than just statistics, it delivers the ability to put the student’s needs at the heart of what they do,” explains Matt Dunkin, director, Collabco.

“By delivering the digital campus to the students smartphone it opens up opportunities to communicate more easily with them and also to get feedback from them – which is important in the process of identifying any issues, and being able to intervene early if they exist.

“We’re looking forward to working with Collective Intelligent Systems to help both institution and student.”

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