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Collabco announce the release of their myday mobile app!

Collabco are delighted to announce the release of the myday mobile app!

The app provides the same seamless dashboard experience on mobile, with everything you need for your day on your smartphone!

After months of hard work, planning and development, the myday mobile app, developed by Collabco, is here and available to download.

The myday mobile app provides an easy-to-use, personalised and effective system for you to manage everything you need to make a success of your learning. The app provides you with everything you need in one place and with notifications to keep you updated, myday will be your go-to app for your learning and education experience.

myday is a customisable, cloud powered dashboard that collects, displays, and pushes information from disparate IT systems.

The myday app builds upon your current experience of the desktop site, providing access to the same apps and data, for a seamless experience - any changes you make to the mobile dashboard on your desktop will be synced to the mobile app to make personalisation super-easy.

Features include:

  • VLE integration – provides details of your assignments and courses, as well as notification of assignment deadlines and grades.
  • Full access to timetable so you can see where you need to be and when, as well as notifications if anything changes.
  • Offline access – access data when offline
  • Library account – keep up-to-date with your borrowing history and reservations, as well as receive notifications when a reserved book is available, or overdue notices.
  • Email – access to a light version of your mail client so you can keep track of emails
  • Balances – you can check how much print credit you have, as well as your catering balance.

Feel free to get in touch with the team today to find out more!

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