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Collabco announce new myday dashboard


Collabco – provider of myday can provide HE institutions with a student portal which will be live for September when students’ return from the long summer break.

Do you need a student portal live by September? You can with myday!!

You can join other UK institutions in implementing your own student portal, which improves student participation through its ease of use and attractive design. It is also easily customisable for both the institution and the student. myday is a turnkey solution which offers a month’s turnaround time. myday’s fast deployment time is incredibly attractive to HE institutions, as highlighted by Bishop Grosseteste University’s Head of IT – Richard Corn. Richard was impressed by the speed and efficiency of the installation, commenting that “The main implementation took only twenty-eight days.”

This ‘quick start’ feature of myday is because Collabco are well aware of what institutions are looking for in the first instance. myday hooks straight into the student experience, providing a good blend of organisation and information. So within a month myday can give an institution 80% of what they are going to need.

As well as the fast turn-around time, myday also comes with all its great, trusted features: 

  • Integration with VLEs such as Moodle, BlackBoard & Canvas with Single Sign On from myday
  • Office 365 integration including calendar and email with easy, single sign-on access
  • User personalisation – users can choose their own layout, theme and colours
  • Social media integration  - Twitter, Facebook – no need to follow or like
  • Extensive targeting of content across the myday platform
  • Multi-language support, great for Welsh institutions, as well as international students
  • Notification platform – news, timetable changes or upcoming events all pushed to your mobile
  • Extensible platform – develop your own myday apps!

myday is more than just a portal, though. It’s a gateway. All of this is available from a web browser or via a native app on your mobile phone delivering a consistent, targeted and personal experience on any device.

myday is a trusted solution which has been used and proven to work far longer than many other solutions.

myday – your day just got better – find out more by getting in touch with us. Ask for a demo and we’ll provide you with access to our demo portal to see for yourself!

For further information please email Rachel

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