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Aberystwyth University Open day


Aberystwyth University Open day  

The launch of ‘myAber’ the myday branded mobile application

I arrived to an all too familiar feeling; last felt when I used to work at another University. The feeling was of excitement and readiness! 

Many Universities re-opened their doors to their new intake on Monday and the atmosphere at Aberystwyth University was palpable. Not only were new students arriving at the university’s first official day of the year, but all the university staff were braced, ready to help the day go smoothly. My role for the day was to promote the University’s mobile app myAber. This is a branded version of the myday mobile app; the same considerable substance that myday has to offer, but with the style defined by and for institutions that requires a more brand-centric look to their IT services. 

My job for the day was to go out to see the students during the freshers’ fair and spread the word about myAber. The university’s ubiquitous promotional materials made this very easy for me. Approximately half of the students I spoke with had already seen the posters and other promos Aberystwyth had published and had downloaded the app. All were enthusiastic about what it meant for them. One student I spoke to told me that it had ‘saved them’ as they had seen that they had an onboarding session for one of their classes in the myAber calendar app that they were not aware of previously. Another told me that they regularly used the mail application via myAber to see quickly any induction information the university had sent them. There were quite a lot of students who were doing their final year telling me that they wished the app had been available for their previous years’ study whilst newcomers were saying that it was helping with their induction and orientation.

It was apparent during my time that thanks to a thorough marketing scheme by Aberystwyth and the hard work of the IS team, myAber had hit the ground running, and the student reaction was that they were better off as a result.

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