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myday Assist, sharing the workload and creating engaging content


Need to save time and resources yet deliver more on your Digital Campus?  Relieving the stresses of everyday working life helps with efficiency in any field, but we don't just relieve the stress. Having myday Assist in place gives your staff their time back to work on other priorities rather than uploading, designing and delivering the latest news article or weekly banner to your portal. 

With myday Assist, our professionals here at Collabco will take ownership of your myday subscription to make sure that the service is working to the best of its ability. There are many ways you can allow us to assist with the performance of your myday features, some are listed below:

  • Weekly banner changes and content updates
  • News articles and informational pieces
  • Student engagement techniques
  • Keep your application current and exciting

All we require is a point of contact to help us gather this information and then the rest is on us to deliver your need effectively, with the student experience at the forefront of our minds. Our expertise in utilising the product is second to none, having the ability to develop your institution's retention and engagement efforts will keep students in the know and interested. 

myday Assist isn't complete ownership of the product, but as said, an assistance in getting the best out of the service. It can take away the strains and stresses of continuously updating student dashboards, information centers and many other components that you may not have the time or manpower to manage. Having assistance from our professionals can boost the performance of your myday product. Students enjoying seeing constant updates and development, so where you may not be able to keep on top of these things, we can.

Many of our customers believe myday Assist is the perfect way to keep constant, effective information flowing through their institution, it is your ideas, we are just assisting with it. 

myday's Additional Services are subject to already having a myday subscription. Taking the opportunity to boost your establishment's performance will have positive results on innovating the student experience.

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