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Making software sticky


Making software sticky

As an EdTech organisation, we recognise that the main challenge for most of our customers is to make the technology they provide for students and staff as ‘sticky’ as possible. What do we mean by this?

It’s all about UX (user experience). Technology should be engaging to use, and if it’s not, it’s unlikely to be used time and again – so the universities must make the technology they deliver across campus as engaging and ‘sticky’ as is possible. The more fun, engaging and of use it is to their daily lives, the more ‘sticky’ it is deemed to be and the more it’s used.

Collabco delivers the digital campus to its clients not by thrusting technology on them, but by coaxing them to use it and then making it worthwhile to keep using.

We are delighted to work with our customers and their students to enable this, working together during the welcome week to help students with awareness of the app and directing them to any additional help and resource should they need it. The start of a new academic year can be an upheaval with lots of new things to take on board, so we want to help the organisation make the transition as smooth as possible.

Last year we were happy to have been invited to lots of customer’s launch days, but Aberystwyth University in particular was a hugely successful day.

It was our head of customer success, Andy’s job to go out to see the students during the freshers’ fair and spread the word about myAber. The carefully planned day and the university’s ubiquitous promotional materials made his job very easy. Approximately half of the students Andy had spoke with had already seen the posters and other promos Aberystwyth had published and had downloaded the app. All were enthusiastic about what it meant for them. Student feedback throughout the day was fantastic, one student said that the app had ‘saved them’ as they had seen that they had an onboarding session for one of their classes in the myAber calendar app that they were not aware of previously. Another student said that they regularly used the mail application via myAber to see quickly any induction information the university had sent them. There were quite a lot of students who were doing their final year feeding back that they wished the app had been available for their previous years’ study whilst newcomers were saying that it was helping with their induction and orientation. Thanks to a thorough marketing scheme by Aberystwyth and the hard work of the IS team, myAber had hit the ground running, and the student reaction was that they were better off as a result.

There are a number of universities and colleges that will be beginning the next academic year with myday, and we will be helping to make sure that the student experience is as sticky as possible.

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