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Maintain and build relationships with myday Alumni


Millions of students pass through school, college and university gates every year. Giving them a platform for working life is just one of the things an educational institute delivers, but what happens once they leave?

Keeping a good relationship with alumni can really improve your reputation. With the myday app, you are able to keep your past students updated with news, surveys and even ask them to give advice to current and prospective students. 

The student survey is a huge time of the year, exams are in full flow and assignments are nearly finished. So what is the best way of capturing a students experience? In our opinion, it's by asking them!

myday Alumni can obtain key information from students who have graduated and are moving on to full-time work. What do they think can be done to improve your universities performance? What was good, what was bad? And maybe most importantly, what advice can they give to the next intake of talent? 

The relationship with your alumni doesn't have to stop when they become alumni, this can be seen as the beginning of a lifelong relationship. With the myday Alumni additional service, you are able to do this effectively, and simply.

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