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Lincoln University in New Zealand goes live with myday!


Lincoln University has gone live with myday after a successful integration. The third oldest university in New Zealand has chosen myday as their Digital Campus and is now enjoying the amazing features that the product has to offer.

The institution's international reputation is strong and they are recognised around the world as an outstanding small university that delivers results. Welcoming its first intake of students in 1880 the institution has gone from strength to strength.  Students come from a wide range of backgrounds making for a diverse campus with many different perspectives.  Lincoln boasts a 90% course completion rate, with students 15% more likely to find a job straight out of university compared to other graduates from differing New Zealand universities.

Lincoln are now utilising the many features of myday to innovate their student experience:

  • Analytics - To understand student trends and behaviours
  • Social Media and News - To share relevant news across campus
  • Targeting and Personalisation - To ensure students only hear about the news that is relevant to them
  • Branding and Layout - To ensure a personalised experience for every individual

Like Lincoln, you too can elevate your Digital Campus and positively impact student engagement and retention. myday is accessible anywhere at any time and with an efficient and sleek design allows students to get the best out of their academic experience. 

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