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Introducing a new organisational structure, innovating operational excellence and re-igniting our passion for the future


Collabco have recently been hitting the headlines with news of growth as the momentum continues to build on previous successes.

It is coming to the end of the 2017/18 financial year and we are now dedicated more than ever to delivering the highest quality of educational innovation through the myday Digital Campus. A number of new customers both at home in the UK and throughout Europe have prompted a new streamlined organisational structure with a large appetite for growth.

As part of the new structure we welcome Andrew Taylor to the team.  Andrew joins us with an unprecedented amount of expertise of sales in the education market, with a real passion for driving forward the success of myday. 

Andrew will be responsible for ensuring that we continue to grow and provide an outstanding service to our customers around the globe. With plans to reach out to many more educational institutes across Europe and beyond, the knowledge Andrew and other new members of staff bring is critical for the next phase of Collabco's achievements

myday delivers a user-friendly way for schools, colleges and universities to deploy their resources and services directly to students. Having information, updates and assistance at their finger tips increases retention and ensures engagement figures rise. 

Matt Dunkin, the Managing Director for Collabco has welcomed the arrival of Andrew and other key figures to the business.

"It is a fantastic time for us to be employing such fantastic people into the company, our continued growth speaks volumes for the stature of Andrew's employment. He has vast knowledge in the educational sector and brings a fresh approach to the direction we are heading in, we are really pleased to have him on-board."

At Collabco we collectively believe that every user experience should be seamless and intuitive. Millennial's are used to being able to interact and engage with organisations on their own device wherever and whenever they choose – quite simply they demand this at university and college too.

Delivering this now and improving on this in the future is something we relentlessly strive to deliver.

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