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Hugh Baird College, a myday success story.

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Here at Collabco we love sharing our success stories. Integrating our innovative systems into educational institutions around the world is what makes us happy, and seeing students progress from into the world of work is why we continue to push for the highest level of prosperity. 

Hugh Baird is one of the largest providers of education and training in the Merseyside and North West area. They deliver over 300 courses and boast an amazing 5000+ students. There are many different study options at Hugh Baird, from apprenticeships to A-Levels.

myday was the only option for Hugh Baird, and having used it for a while now we decided to speak to some of the senior leadership team and gather their thoughts on what they liked about their Digital Campus.

John Billington, Head of Services at Hugh Baird showed an immense amount of praise for myday's ability to broadcast a large amount of information in one place. 

"We needed a system that would take all these little pieces of information we had an various systems across the college, and put them in one pane of glass so staff and students could get the information they needed, when they needed it."

myday bridges the gap between technology and learning and improving on this further is producing an app that can have all study needs at your students fingertips. Hugh Baird use this to the full capacity and results from doing so have been amazing.

Take a look at this video below which gives more details about the success of Hugh Baird and Collabco's collaboration, we hope our Liverpool based customers continue to use their product as well as they have been, with many more success stories to come!

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