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Additional services, an introduction to myday Recruit

open day

Collabco offers additional services that complement the myday subscription and give educational institutions further advantages and huge amounts of opportunity to really drive the use of myday to the next level. On the Additional Services page, there is a wide range of packages that can be tailored to suit any sized establishment or budget - just take a look!

One of the newest services offered is myday Recruit -  a helpful subscription that provides you with the necessary tools to recruit prospective learners. 

When a college or university holds an open day, communication can sometimes be lost as to when and where individuals need to be. With myday Recruit, prospective students will have the ability to download the myday app and be given key information and content throughout the day without needing to be registered within your core campus systems. 

Open days can be daunting and so using myday Recruit to put your visitors at ease from the moment they step onto your campus can really make a difference to them hopefully choosing your institution to be their home for however long they wish to study for.

On arrival to your open day, myday Recruit can offer a map of the campus and push notifications to the individual for any rooms, accommodation tours and other key information needed to ensure that the visitor enjoys the day.  You can include surveys into the tool to find out a bit more about your visitor and their interests and look to personalise any future communications.

Once individuals have visited your institution they can then be contacted through the service, you could ask if they would like to learn more about their courses of interest or arrange an accommodation viewing. 

Having regular updates flowing from your institution to potential learners can give your institution the upper hand against competition, by feeling at home before they even arrive. 

Would you like to learn more about myday Recruit? 

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