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myday Staff

myday isn't just a portal for students. Without students, the whole process wouldn't work, but without staff, there would be no graduation, or A+ in exams. These are the most important people in your institution, and they deserve to have as much of an experience as the students.

Upon the integration of myday, an institution is provided with 200 licences of the Digital Campus for staff. However, we know that some universities are much bigger than that, so we have provided a much bigger database.

You aren't tied down to 200 members of staff who can access myday, this additional service will allow for as many as you would like to use the product.

Lesson planning, room changing and general up keeping with the students activity can be spread across all departments. Staff can converse with each other and send internal and external emails through the myday dashboard. 

It is the chance to have all of your staff on board, keeping total cohesiveness between student and lecturer, and hopefully raising the student engagement aspect, which shows the success of our work, and yours.

Would you like more staff licenses? 

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