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myday Sandbox

Changing and updating different systems and operations can be very time consuming, especially if things don't exactly go to plan. with myday Sandbox, you are able to have a live website testing feature to develop and decide which changes works best, without having to actually go live on site.

For example, if there are a large number of changes to your dashboard needed around exam time, constantly chopping and changing the product whilst live can have a very negative effect on student efficiency and concentration. It is a stressful time regardless, so having their digital campus in a state of change will not help whatsoever.

There are 3 different environments when controlling changes in-house, they are.

  • Development environment
  • Test environment
  • Production environment

myday Sandbox gives you the first 2 environments to make the necessary changes, develop them and then test the site before anything is set in stone.

Before producing the final version of the website, the two environments a technician team will look at is development and testing. Having your sandbox site to perfect this testing will cause no harm or worry to students, and allow a thorough process for achieving the results needed.

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