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myday Recruit

Are you looking to extend your digital campus to prospect students?

myday Recruit is one of the most influential services we provide. It provides you with the tools necessary to advertise your university, inviting students onto campus before they even enroll.

Prospect students will attend open days and can have instant access to maps of the campus. Once they know where they are going, their events timetable, rooms, nearest restaurants and libraries can all be accesses via their mobile phone via the myday mobile app.

Along with the logistics of their visit, information can be provided about your university and surrounding area, giving them a feel of what life could be like as part of your campus.

The myday Recruit service gives your institution the upper hand against other universities when it comes to student enrolment, but it doesn't stop there. myday Recruit may give your prospect students an amazing experience before they enroll, but once they choose you, myday Recruit is still relevant.

After your successful open day, you can guide your prospect through the applicant stage of myday Recruit. Information can be provided on joining, your enrolment day and other key aspects such as accommodation for the year ahead. 

This is a myday experience for students interested in joining your establishment, by innovating the student experience even before they are your students. 

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