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myday Marketing Services

myday Marketing Services provides assistance in promoting the benefits of myday campus-wide.  This tailored service can include as much or as little support and materials as you require.

New to the myday subscription or have a brand new mobile app? 

Let our marketing team assist you in engaging your students and staff.

Onboarding and want to ensure you are your dashboard is in fitting with your institution's style guide? 

Let our team apply colour schemes, themes and bespoke design techniques to make everything look professional, coherent and inviting!

Typical inclusions:

  • Social Media advice, content creation, monitoring and reporting
  • Production of printed collateral
  • Discounted branded incentives
  • Competitor Review
  • Photography services
  • Full design service (branding) of dashboard
  • Team availability on launch day or freshers fayre support

Would you like to learn more about myday Marketing Services? 

Speak With Lisa Drakonaki