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myday Developer Training

Are you looking to develop your own apps on the myday platform?

myday Developer Training is a fantastic service designed to help you maximise your expertise in creating innovative ideas and apps. 

Many of our customers have created amazing features that have innovated their student's campus experience. 

The apps you can build following our training can be used on both the myday dashboard and mobile app. It is also a fantastic way of getting students involved and can boost retention and engagement figures. 

We believe that myday alone can lift your student experience to the highest level, but having a development team with creative passion can ensure your digital strategy is fully implemented.

Every school, college, and university is different, with different students and different ways of thinking. That means that every myday platform and campus also has to be different, and we can help you to think differently, and develop your creative ideas.

Our professionals will come to you, and deliver multiple training sessions using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and JSON. Training can be utilised by up to 5 people, over a 2 day period. 

We can be as flexible as you need us to be. If you have a specific requirement (for example wanted to write a specific app) we can work on a training course one day with the hands-on/knowledge transfer on the second day.

Deliver a consistent user experience, bring all your digital services together in one place and make sure that the apps you are creating are delivered at a quick and efficient pace. 

Would you like to hear more about myday Developer Training?

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