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myday Conference

Working similar to myday Recruit, myday Conference is an additional service designed to give external visitors all the information needed when attending events or conferences on campus. 

There are lots of different buildings within schools, colleges and universities and even though it might be easy for students and lecturers to navigate around, it's not easy if you have never been on campus before! 

By having external visitors coming onto campus and not knowing their way around, myday can provide a service that will give information on a number of things. 

  • Locations of conferences and events
  • Internet passwords
  • Cafes 
  • Restaurants
  • Car parks & many more

myday Conference totally raises the efficiency of any external events and can give your campus a fantastic reputation for holding such events, bringing more and more people to your institution. Agendas are downloaded instantly, with constant push notifications keeping attendees up to date, for a fantastically organised event.

Do you like the sound of myday Conference?

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