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myday Branded App

Having your brand displayed across all of your platforms in the current climate is essential, whilst giving a personalised feel to your institution, it also allows students to access their dashboards easily and quickly, with no confusion.

The exclusive look that myday Branded App allows will give students a meaningful feeling, and be proud to be attending. 

As well as having your own personalised branding, the myday service can improve cohesiveness amongst students. You can promote the app as your own, and is available from the app store and android. 

Searching is made easy, there is no need to search for 'myday', but instead for your specific institution.

But that's not all, we can connect your login page to the app, without having to travel to third party sites for instant connection upon arrival at the application. This connection will allow for students to access their myday dashboard from their universities app. Take a look at some of our customers branded apps pictured here.

Analytics is a huge part of researching retention and engagement figures, with the branded app, you are able to track specific installations which in turn enables you to under it's reach. 

Promoting your brand is essential, and with the myday Branded App service, directing your students to the right place, with the right branding, can only have a positive effect.

Generating feedback through your app can generate interaction between developer and user, making your digital campus a better place to attend. 

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