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myday Bespoke Services

Does your development team have a fantastic idea about a service or product that students could be provided with, but may not have the time or necessary skill set to do so? We can help. 

myday Bespoke Services is an Additional Service designed to help with the development of personal solutions, thought out by in-house teams.

Do you want a service specified to your university that could totally and innovate the student experience? Give us the plans and we will make it into reality. 

As creative and forward thinking as we are here at Collabco, having ideas from our friends and customers can help us to deliver a service tailored specifically for your institution.

There are many development resources available, we can help with everything you need to get your idea from stage one, to production. Here are a few we can help with:

  • Software development
  • Design & comestics
  • Collaboration
  • Coding
  • Integration 
  • Updates & other features

With Bespoke Services, the possibilities are endless, we are just here to help with the delivery of any fantastic ideas. We will have lots of success stories from our customers coming soon with ideas they have had, so keep an eye out!

Are you interested in hearing more about myday's Bespoke Services?  

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