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What is myday?

myday is a customisable dashboard that collects, displays and pushes information from disparate IT systems. The platform offers a Microsoft Azure cloud-based solution, where learners can access the information they need to make a success of their learning, whilst enjoying a simple app-like experience from the device of their choice. Its intuitive design and practical use increases participation leading to improved retention whilst lowering IT and administrative costs

Typical data sources include student records, timetabling, library, payments, attendance, individual learning plans, grade books and the virtual learning environment. Our student portal software makes the end-user technology experience richer by exploiting modern technology standards to unify access to data and content and where possible enable single sign-on when moving between systems.

Cloud service

myday is built as a robust and resilient cloud service using Microsoft cloud technologies. This enables rapid delivery, easy scaling, low cost of implementation and self-service capabilities to reduce running costs. Connectivity to the Cloud and the ability to leverage this model enhances the value-add component of our offering.

For more details about our student portal solution, see our Features page.

myday dashboard